Webdav - missing notification if update on server fails

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Webdav - missing notification if update on server fails

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Hi! Thank for the great software.
I self-host nginx to serve my files via webdav. Everything works fine until I make a small error or have a permission problem and nginx can not write the updated file from kypass. If I add an entry in kypass and close the database I get the notification "Database updated" but in reality the database was not updated and the kypass database differs from the "nginx" version.

Here is the log of such a case from nginx:

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2020/06/04 16:00:06 [crit] 7#7: *10 open() "/www/data/g7v2w8p8/AAA.kdbx.0000000002" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server: , request: "PUT /g7v2w8p8/AAA.kdbx HTTP/1.1", host: "redacted-by-me"
If I try to upload a file from filebrowser in ios I get an HTTP 500 error in such a case.

Maybe it is possible to give some notification in case an upload fails.

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