iCloud sync vs iCloud Drive support

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iCloud sync vs iCloud Drive support

Post by JörgRennefeld »

when I read that Kypass supports iCloud Drive I was expecting that I can access files stored anywhere on my iCloud drive.
But how I see it Kypass supports only the iCloud sync feature which puts the database only in an app specific folder.
Is that a correct assumption?
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Re: iCloud sync vs iCloud Drive support

Post by Mr-Fly »

I think this is correct. The main purpose for this is to have an offline version with you all the time to have your passwords at hand.
The sync is more meant to synchronize between more than one device not to open any file.
You can anyhow got to the Apple files app and send a file to Kypass.
Drawback is it will end up in local store of Kypass not in iCloud store.

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Re: iCloud sync vs iCloud Drive support

Post by armous »

Just to clarify further. I have two users that have iCloud drive. Both have KyPass installed on their iPhones with the DB stored on iCould drive. I would like to share the DB between the two users which is supported with iCloud drive. However the shared DB file is not by default placed in the Kypass folder, and can't be seen by one of the users. It seems like this would be a very useful feature to allow for shared DB support within iCloud Drive. Is there another way to do this?

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