Suggestions after using KyPass IOS for a week

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Suggestions after using KyPass IOS for a week

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I switched over to KyPass from the open source Keypass. My biggest interest was in syncing. I've got 5 pieces of electronice I wanted to keep in sync (2 Macbooks, 2 Iphones and an office Mini) So, just purchased your product and have been using it on both IOS and OSX. Obviously the version for IOS is primary but I use my Macbook and Mini a lot and the OSX version could use a few features. (At least I think so).

When you add an entry to a folder it doesn’t show up until you refresh the page, ( I go to a different folder or entry and then back). The IOS version refreshes automatically as does Keypass.

The plus sign in the ‘tool bar’ should have a drop down showing the first choice as new entry with the second choice as ‘new folder’. A new entry is added much more frequently than a new folder. As it is at present, a new entry is a bit hidden. Hell,, even keypass had a toolbar button for ‘new entry’.

How about a bit of color? The present widow is almost B&W and not much different looking than Keypass. A little color, or a way to add some color to areas would make the application visually more pleasing.

A manual is needed. I think that most of the application is pretty straight foward and easy to figure out. There’s only a few areas where directions are really necessary,,, like syncing to your Iphone or business computer with the laptop. Took me a half a day to figure it out.

A ‘confirmation delete screen window’. Too easy to delete an entire folder or database Believe me, I’ve done it. Fortunately I alway make a backup and have it handy. A simple acknowledgement window with button that could be turned on or off in ‘Preferences’.

Hmmmm? there was one other thing but I forgot what it was.

I’m glad I spent the money and purchased your applications for the Iphone and Macbook. Thanks for making them. I was tired of looking at Keypass open source app and have tried others but havent felt comfortable with the interface.

Dan Yarussi

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