Simplify find dynamics/animation

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Simplify find dynamics/animation

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Love the app as it solves all of my keepass needs on iOs. I do, however, have a suggestion:

Currently when you are searching the database for a keyword, the app will give you a list of matching candidates
When you select one of the entries, the app will first show you a screen with the content of the group the entry belongs to, pause for like 0.5 second and only then will open the entry's record

The group display is a massive waste of time and is non-informational -- when the entry is finally displayed the group path is right there and I can navigate to the entry's group but when I just look for a specific entry I don't need reminders that the entry belongs to a particular group

Any way to fix this?


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Re: Simplify find dynamics/animation

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Good suggestion.
I also hate this animation. I need to find a way to display the entry without the group.
I add that to my todo list
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