Resilio Sync Support?

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Resilio Sync Support?

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I bought KyPass for iOS mainly to get the iOS12 password manager integration for my KeePass database. So far, everything works nicely.

My KeePass database is synced with Resilio between different devices:

Resilio Sync is the product formally known as BitTorrent Sync.

Resilio has the main advantage that there is no intermediate server sitting somewhere in the US - all files travel through the BitTorrent protocol directly from one device to the other. It has a smoothly working iOS app, the synced files eventually show up in the iOS "Files" application. My current mode of operation is therefore to sync the database file, copy it into KyPass via "Share with...", and work with a copy of the database.

With such a half-manual sync approach, changes on the phone are not possible, since the database file does not move back from the KyPass app storage to the Files storage, where the Resilio app could see it.

A second effect seems to be that with another "Share with .." cycle, I get a second database file with the same name in the KyPass app.

I would be great to have a true sync feature here. I see two options:

- KyPass gets an option to open a file that is 'owned' by another app. I don't think that this is supported for anything but the "Files" app, but maybe you know more.
- KyPass gets direct Resilio Sync support. There are some examples in the net (see, but the API seems to be badly documented.

Maybe there is another approach I am missing here. I am open for suggestions. Using one of the cloud storage providers is not an option.

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