OTP Generation Bug

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OTP Generation Bug

Post by TravisWooley »

The OTP generation process ignores the custom settings for time (step), and I assume but haven't personally verified digit count (size). As a result it generates completely incorrect OTP tokens for custom time settings. For instance I have one that uses a 60 second time step. Both of the tokens generated in that 60 second window are incorrect.

If it helps I am using KeeOTP https://bitbucket.org/devinmartin/keeotp/wiki/Home to generate the OTP config. It correctly handles the token generation

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Re: OTP Generation Bug

Post by RedBug (Author) »

You're right.. The digit argument was not used.
I've added it in the next version (available in the TestFlight) but I don't see anything about the time step argument in the RFC

How is the argument named ?
Could you give me the url ? Without the secret ;p

I use the specification as described in RFC6238

KyPass Documentation was updated.
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Re: OTP Generation Bug

Post by Ghost-CL »

There is another bug. You've described the parameter "digits" in the documentation. But this parameter is not taken into account. For Example, if I set the URI to:

Code: Select all

-> the TOTP is still 6 digits long. Could you please check this, too?

And I have another wish or feature request. I'm using KeeTrayTOTP because it can handle with Steam OTP. Could you please add this feature to KyPass? :)
Here is the Link to KeeTrayTOTP.

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