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Problems with KyPass on iPhone should be reported in here
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Re: ICloud sync

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Looks like the whole forum is dead - I don’t see that developer reacting anyhow in the last days

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Re: ICloud sync

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Think i did it.
1. In cloud selection page of kypass, disable all cloud providers.
2. If you have created a KyPass Folder in icloud drive previously, delete it.
3. Go to cloud selection page of kypass again and enable "icloud"
4. Create a "New kdb 2 file" after pressing the "+" button on the lower left corner of the kypass app entrance page.
5. Create a test file, it doesn't matter what you create, but be sure to enable "Use iCloud" button.
6. That will create the KyPass Folder and the test file we created on icloud drive.
7. Copy your real kdbx file to this folder and delete the test file you created. And voila...

Happy new year all...

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