Kypass 4.5.2 crash when trying to autofill login

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Re: Kypass 4.5.2 crash when trying to autofill login

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I did some more testing on my device.
I have created an empty database with a password and key file.
And even with the empty database kypass is ALWAYS crashing when I try to use autofill and regular opening works with no issues.

So it is not the size of the database but the algorithm that is used that causes the crashing???
What can I do here?

The test database that is not working has the following settings:
Type KDBX 4.0
Random Chacha20
Encryption Algorithm AES
Derivation Argon
Iteration 6000
Argon: Iteration 8
Parallelism 4
Memory 0x8000000 bytes
Version 0x13
I have another Database that IS working, that I have created the same way. It only differs in these parameters:
Argon: Iteration 14
Parallelism 4
Memory 0x4000000 bytes
Version 0x13
How can I change these settings to make it work?

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Re: Kypass 4.5.2 crash when trying to autofill login

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When I understood Miguel correctly. It is only the memory that kills it.
Argon is a memory hoag while decrypting. It’s one of its security measures to use a lot of memory when decrypting.
That why the autofill crashes as it is very limited in memory usage allowed.
So setting the memory to 4 MB could also help on your other database.
I believe it is not so much the size of the DB as the argon setting.

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