I give up trying to sync with Icloud over devices

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I give up trying to sync with Icloud over devices

Post by tdhcsc » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:32 pm

I've tried for hours trying to sync to Icloud. I give up!

On one post Redbug said that when uploading to Icloud a folder is created. I see that there's a folder in Icloud but it doesn't show up anywhere but in the sidebar in KyPass when you go to select a database. Nothing on Icloud and when I try to select the KyPass folder in the sidebar there's nothing in it.

I could sync with Dropbox but they recently changed they're policy and you can no longer sync with more than 3 devices. A married couple has (probably) 4 devices (2 computers and 2 Iphones),hense the need to sync with Icloud.

Hey guys, anyone know how to sync with Icloud? I purchased this application for the Icloud sync.

I give up untill directions are posted.


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