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KyPass v4.1.1

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KyPass v4.1.1 was released this morning. A lof of change for this version:
  • Fixed a crash in search panel with entry that have no username
  • Capture QR Code now save database immediately
  • Fixed bug in the tools menu
  • Added option to clear search at start
  • Expiration date could be modified
  • Attachments could be added/deleted
  • Database is not reloaded anymore after uploading
  • Fix dropbox folder in configuration
  • Google Drive: Hide trashed file
  • Google Drive: Erase local file if deleted on server
  • Google Drive: Display modification date from server
  • Webdav: Erase local file if deleted on server
  • iCloud Files are now shown in browser extension
  • Move Key Files to its own section in the file list
  • New duplicate entry menu
  • Dropbox: Migrate to new the official API v2 (verify if you need to make a new connection ?)
  • Dropbox: Removing a folder from the list of Sync folders remove the files
  • Fix some font in the entry view
  • Modified date to relative
  • Removed ASIHTTPRequest dependency. Fix some WebDAV problem with SSL.
  • Fix key file with that are 64 bytes long without hexadecimal content
  • VNC: enabled server to client clipboard
  • Key file could be used with any cloud provider
  • Folder selection in cloud provider
  • Fixed the copy comments bug.
PS. Some people have a crash when they start this new version. Just delete KyPass and reinstall it. The whole Synchro process was remade. Begin from a fresh installation will help PS2. Great features will be added in v4.2. Follow us on Facebook for more information (and we need you to set a course of action for this upcoming release) The post KyPass v4.1.1 appeared first on Kyuran.

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