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Mes developpements

V5.3 available in the AppStore

A lot of new things !

First, KyPass have a documentation ! It’s available at This website uses gitbook and you could improve documentation via GitHub if you wish.

The changelog for the v5.3 is:


  • Year is now selectable in expiration date
  • Added count in shortcuts section
  • Added cloud provider icon in file list
  • Added empty trash function
  • Browse history entries
  • Added database title in the bottom bar
  • Allow certificates in O365 login


  • Autofill function is back for ios12 users
  • Fix sync
  • Fix size display for local files
  • Fix large file (>4mb) upload with MSGraph
  • Digits argument is now supported in OTP uri
  • Fix the UIViewcontroller bug (when the use shortcut option was not set)

Dropbox Support Broken in v5.1

KyPass use the official SDK from cloud provider to synchronize your databases.

In the v5.1, the SDK for Dropbox-sdk-obj-c use the v3.11.1. This SDK is buggy… and fixed in v3.11.2 released yesterday.

It means that you couldn’t synchronize anymore with Dropbox on v5.1.

v5.2 was sent to Apple today. Expect it in a few hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience

KyPass 5.1

New version of KyPass was released today.

  • O365 support is now better than never,
  • The autofill function is working again (As a reminder: Settings>Passwords & Accounts>autofill). iOS 13.4 added some changes in the way this function should be implemented and had to be rewritten,
  • Added new parameters in password generator (ignore some letters and add password separator)

The forum is still there if you need some improvements.

KyPass for ever !