KyPass v4.4.0 is now available

KyPass v4.4.0 is now available!

What’s new?

  • Added autofill extension (goto the accounts and password iOS Setting and activate Kypass support there)
  • Passing theme option from beta to release and added the blue theme
  • Tag/keyword view (Edit of Tags in the next release)
  • Fix a webdav bug
  • Fix alignement of editable cell in configuration form

More great updates soon.

How the enable the autofill?

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5 thoughts on “KyPass v4.4.0 is now available”

  1. Hi
    Just bought your kypass 4 app and tried to configure a sync with a webdav folder. When you talk about sync, do you sync the entries in the database or just the database file?
    In my test it always copies the complete database from my ios device -> webdav. I couldn´t get changes in the webdav folder synced back to ios. It always replaces the webdav database file with the database file from ios.

    I´m asking because i search a software which can keep my password database in sync across my ios device and my mac even when i made changes on both devices. (I´m using kypass on mac also.) I just don´t want to copy them by hand when i make a change.

    Did i made a mistake in the setup?

    Best Regards

  2. Very fancy app! Definitely seems to be the best by far for iOS. The one feature I would really love is “OATH HOTP (RFC 4226)”. Details in other apps are below:

    “YubiKeys support generating one-time passwords following the OATH HOTP standard (RFC 4226). If you want to protect your database using such one-time passwords, you need the OtpKeyProv KeePass plugin.

    OtpKeyProv is a key provider based on one-time passwords. After protecting your database using this plugin, you need to generate and enter one-time passwords in order to open your database. YubiKeys configured in this mode can conveniently do this.”

      1. The same applies here as well. Ordered my Yubikey 5C and would like to see it working with kypass and my existing database. Thank you!

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