KyPass Companion v1.9 (first beta)

Last version of KyPass Companion was released one year ago minus 3 weeks.

It’s time to release the new version. For this new version, I need you to test it before release.

Here is the first beta of the v1.9.

v1.9 have a lot of change:

  • add custom fields in the columns view.
  • edit multiple entries at once.
  • add filter on custom fields.
  • edit existing import tasks.
  • quick view improved.
  • attachments could be previewed by pressing the space key.
  • OTP support (enter “otpauth://totp/” in a field and KyPass will translate it to the correct secret key)
  • (bug fix) entry and group could now be created directly from the sidebar
  • (bug fix) duplicate entry is now working also in search view
  • (bug fix) viewing an entry doesn’t change modification date anymore

Apple doesn’t have yet TestFlight for macOS thus you could download the first beta for free here.


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