8 thoughts on “KyPass v3.5 available now”

  1. Hi, great stuff!
    Splitscreen / multitasking is very nice to have, thanks!
    One question though, I have to select the database to open. In the previous version, it remembered it and a fingerprint was enough to unlock the database. I have not changed any settings and checked the ‘Open at start’ (is enabled.)

    1. Could you explain ?
      Do you have the iCloud ‘Kypass’ folder on your iCloud drive ? If not, could you verify that you accept iCloud for KyPass ?

  2. Hi,
    few days ago I migrated my keyfile from .kdb to .kdbx (KeePass 2).
    My keyfile is stored in an individual Dropbox folder.

    As KyPass 3.5 didn’t “forget” the old (I guess local copy) .kdb file I decided to kill the app, download from App Store again and give it a try.
    Now neither on my iPhone6 nor on my iPad Air2 I can connect to Dropbox. When I try to set it up (Settings – File Sync – Dropbox slider move to ‘1’) a modal dialog (title Dropbox) with a spinning wheel displays. Nothing happens.
    When I try Google as sync service, the Google authentication page pops up. This might work (but is of no use as I need Dropbox support).

    Can You help???

    1. Weird.
      Some things you could try:
      _ change the folder name crypted2 in place of crypted eg
      – rename your database
      – remove kypass right directly from your Dropbox web application

      1. Hi,

        I succeeded to get it back running. In Dropbox I removed Kypass. Then I tried to set up from Kypass again. I simply waited several minutes until the Dropbox authorizaton procedure popped up.
        Works 😉

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