15 thoughts on “KyPass v2.4.2 is ready for sale”

  1. Hi,

    KyPass Pro doesn’t show my Google Drive synced file anymore. I don’t know when this happened first but I restarted my iPhone completely, re-added the google account but it still doesn’t work. No error message but “No file found !”. But I know it’s there :-S

    Thanks for help 🙁

  2. Why does the search always find old entries from history as well as current ones? Anyway to identify them or limit them from search?

  3. Hello,

    KeePass setup with password and Key File works on my desktop stored in GoogleDrive.

    I just bought KyPass Pro 2.4.2 on iOS. I see my database tan.kdbx sync with GoogleDrive.

    I rename my Key File KyuranGoogleDrive-tan.kdbx.key

    I have error message “password is not correct”.

    Can you please help?

    thank you

  4. Sync via Google drive does not work in the right way.
    Files which are deleted in Google, are not deleted in the App.
    Files in the App which comes from Google could not deleted in the App even if they are deleted in Google.

  5. I think custom fields cannot be modified or created right?
    do you plan to add this feature soon?
    I switched to kypass from minikeepass because of auto dropbox sync but I need to be able to modify/create custom fields.

  6. I have two iPhone 5s both running the latest version of iOS and KyPass Pro. On one of the devices it crashes immediately on start up every time. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and also rebooting the phone and it still happens. Completely unable to use the app.

    On the other phone I added a new password record on the phone but it was never synced back. I was unable to find the password on my desktop. Then I added a password form my desktop which shows up on my phone but now the key that I added on my phone is gone. Likely it was overwritten with the latest sync.

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated, specifically for the first problem as I’m completely unable to use the app on that device right now.

  7. I have a .kdb file in DropBox that, I assume, KyPass sees quite fine. I uploaded the corresponding .kdb.key file via Upload from Desktop. It crashed the first time, and I sent a report to you. I tried it again, and it appeared to work, but it still demands a “master password” for the file. The problem is that I didn’t set a password on it. That was the whole reason for the key file. KyPass refuses to accept the key file only.

    1. Confirmed. If I create a new .kdb file with a key file and a non-blank password, it opens fine.

      May I also suggest allowing key files from another source? For example, is there a security issue in having the database on DropBox and the key file on Google Drive?

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