KyPass Companion beta 0.1

** 2013/3/7 Check new version 0.2 at KyPass Companion v0.2 **

Apple refuse to approve KyPass Companion (problem with the sandbox).
But I know you wait for it!
Here is the KyPass Companion for Mac OS X!

This little application will allow you to have auto-fill function in your Safari browser like Lastpass or 1Password with your KeePass database(s).

Each time you go on a website with Safari, the kypass «safari addon» check in the kypass «local server» the url. If an entry contains this url, you’ll be able to complete the web form with the username/password.


  • Fills out web forms with one click.
  • Allows to use multilple Keepass database at the same time.
  • Save your master password in Apple Keychain
  • Support key file.
  • Keepass v1 AND v2 are supported.

How to use it ?

  • Run KyPass Companion and go in the preference panel. Install the plugin and be sure that the “open at startup” checkbox is checked.
  • Open a database and enjoy fills out in Safari.

Download the v0.1 beta from


I’m a big fan of Evernote.

I’m using it every day to handle my time: I have a “to do” notebook in which I put all my things to do.

I would like to be able to convert a email to a “to do” note.

Actually, I have some solutions:

  • Drag and drop the email to Evernote. Worse solution. Just a .eml embedded in a note and no sender and creation date information.
  • Print the email with the virtual printer “PDF to Evernote”. The note is good looking but I lost the ability to edit the note and I lost the sender and creation date information.
  • Forward the email to my Evernote email adress. I could edit the note but… I also lost the sender and creation date information

It exists another solution with an AppleScript on veritrope but it’s so complicated.

Thus, as a developer, I’ve developed my own solution:

logoDropCircle is the easiest and best way to insert files, large and small, into your Evernote account.

To upload a file to Evernote with DropCircle, just drag it to the DropCircle icon.

If it’s an html file (or Safari link), a true Evernote not will be created with all the images embedded in the note.
Same things for mail. Simply drag and drop a mail for or from exchange and you’ll have a good looking note in place of the .eml file created by the Evernote application.
You want to backup your wordpress blog (or any other blog supporting rss) ? Just drag and drop the rss file with all the articles to DropCircle. DropCircle create a note for each post with all images embedded and with correct timestamp.

Currently, DropCircle supports:

  • .eml files
  • atom/rss files
  • html files
  • all other files are added as resource in a new note.

Do you want more export method ? Contact us…

DropCircle beta is avalaible for free at