KyPass tips #1

KyPass support various URI schemes in the URL field (http/https internal and all other schemes in their corresponding iPhone app)
iSSH have URI scheme support !

By typing <username> or <password> in the http field, <username> or <password> will be replaced by their value.

It means that you could enter ssh://<username>:<password> in one of your url field and KyPass will open iSSH with a authenticated session on

This page centralizes code samples for URI schemes available in many iPhone applications:

Autofill and more

Thank you for all your comments on the appStore.

Worldwide rating for 573 users: ★★★★ ! (★★★★½ & 157 people just for KyPass v1.7)

Now the news: KyPass 1.8 is on the way.
Here is the changes already done.

  • Show password is more ‘user friendly’
  • New details form about database.
  • Search is now working with URL


  • Autofill username/password in internal browser (via paste or autofill button) !

I’m currently doing some test and send it to approval to Apple.

For other cloud support (sugar sync, iCloud, …), it will be for the next time.