myIntranet 1.0

myIntranet allow you to have your personal intranet on your iPhone. On the backend, it only use standardized format like vCard, rss, keepass, http, …

Most of the services are available offline. myIntranet caches all the content needed when it is in your network.

The first time you run myIntranet, you enter an URL. myIntranet download on the configuration on this URL and send you back all services available for you in your organization.

myIntranet could be used in your organization (industry, university, …) but could also be used as personal multi-purpose tool for your own usage.

– Access to all the contact in your organization in a private address book. myIntranet supports vCard.
– Display eBook. myIntranet supports .pdf eBook reading.
– Display news about your organization. myIntranet supports RSS feed.
– Access to the passwords of your organization remotely. myIntranet supports Keepass databases.
– Display map between your position and any Point of Interest (not available offline)
– Display website. (not available offline)
– Send a mail to any contact via a contact form.

Download it from appStore

Look at

[appext 529301226]

Orientation bug in KyPass v1.9.3

We are aware of the orientation bug in KyPass v1.9.3 with some version of iOS.
Bug fixes was submitted today to Apple.
Sorry for that.

For developers or just for curious people, it’s due to the fact that iOS6 doesn’t support anymore this function:

- (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation

Developers that compile against iOS SDK 6.0 and greater must be sure to add this function in their code!

- (BOOL)shouldAutorotate