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KyWiki 1.0

KyWiki 1.0 was released yesterday !

What is KyWiki ?

KyWiki is a personal wiki manager.

As a wiki, every note can be easily enriched with image and style in a syntax very easy to remember (the same syntax as used with Wikipedia).

As a wiki, every note can be linked to another. This makes it easy to make tables of contents, definitions and all the links that make your posts more vibrant.

All your notes are local and do not require internet connection. But you can also sync all your notes via Dropbox if you wish. Once initialized, this synchronization is done in the background so you do not have to worry about it.

Future additions will include:
* Sync with any MediaWiki server.
* Do your modification directly in the online web server.
* Add other synchronization methods (Spideroak, SugarSync,, …)
* Added functions and special pages.
* … (Fill your choice here & ask for it on twitter @kyuran)

KyPass 1.6 soon 34

You wait KyPass 1.6 for a long time.
Sorry, I’ve worked hard on KyWiki (a personal wiki for iPhone/iPad) and it is released since yesterday.
The work on KyWiki is also very useful for KyPass: the synchronization part was rewritten from scratch and allow now to add other synchronization method like sugarsync,, …

The actual modification on version 1.6 are:
– the custom fields are back !
– the dropbox synchronization works still better.

Before release it, I’m planning to add the password generator.

PS. You could still send me your wishes about new synchronization method.

More synchronization method in KyPass 28

You like Keepass but you hate Dropbox (or just dislike it).
You’ll be happy: The next big update of Kypass will add a new synchronization method.

Which one ?
YuuWaa ? Syncplicity ? Wuala ? Sparkleshare ? Live Mesh ? Sugarsync ? LiveDrive ? Tonido ? Spideroak ? ? Another ?

It depends on you !

Tweet a message like “I want #sugarsync in KyPass next version ! RT me for more vote #kypasssync” and it will add one vote to Sugarsync (your tweet have to contain the keyword #kypasssync & the keyword for your synchronization method).

In two weeks, I’ll look the most popular keyword and start the development for it.

Spread the word to increase the vote for your synchronization method !