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Google Drive sync problem in KyPass 3 4

KyPass couldn’t sync anymore kdb(x) file with Google Drive…

Google have change the way you could search file in Google Drive:

I used the query string ‘(title contains ‘kdb’) or (title contains ‘kdbx’)‘ to search keepass database on your drive. This query doesn’t return file with kdb or kdbx extension in title anymore.

The way to find these file is now ‘(fileExtension = ‘kdb’) or (fileExtension = ‘kdbx’)‘ that seems logical but that didn’t work before.


I’ll submit a bug fix version to Apple this weekend.


Until the new version, the workaround is to add (kdb) or (kdbx) in the title of your database on Google Drive 🙂

You love it! Thanks everyone! 5

KyPass v3 is already in the top 20 of 13 country in the productivity category.

Sans titre 2

You love it! Thanks for that!

And thanks also for your comments:

Works perfect. I use it everyday!!! – ★★★★★
by 19lola90 – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 21 sept. 2013
I have used KeePass for years on my desktop. And I have been an happy user of KyPass for several versions. It is the only password manager I can find that provided the real-time sync between my desktop, iPhone and iPad and other features I needed. My devices are always in sync and I have my information at my fingertips no matter where I am. I think the upgrade cost was well worth every penny. I don’t know what all was fixed behind the scenes, but I do know when I run the app it works flawlessly EVERYTIME! No joke, I really like this app.

Love it – ★★★★★
by TheRoq – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 19 sept. 2013
TFunktioniert großartig zusammen mit Dropbox!

Perfetta – ★★★★
by FabyBg71 – KyPass 3 – Version 3.0 – 21 sept. 2013
La utilizzo con gdrive e mi trovo benissimo. Ottima

The v3.0.1 will be approved in a few hours and I’m already working on the v3.1.

Again, thanks everyone!

And don’t forget: KyPass v3 is available for a special discount price of $1.99 until end of september. (80% rebate) !

Black Friday @kyuran

It’s that time of year again…
For the Black Friday 2012, here is our promotions!

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KyPass tips #1 2

KyPass support various URI schemes in the URL field (http/https internal and all other schemes in their corresponding iPhone app)
iSSH have URI scheme support !

By typing <username> or <password> in the http field, <username> or <password> will be replaced by their value.

It means that you could enter ssh://<username>:<password> in one of your url field and KyPass will open iSSH with a authenticated session on

This page centralizes code samples for URI schemes available in many iPhone applications:

Replies to some appStore comments on KyPass 3

Thank you for all your comments on the appStore.
310 ratings for the moment for a average of 4 stars !

But it could be better… Some of these comments are not exact.
If you have found some bugs on KyPass: don’t be shy ! Contact me. We’ll fix these bloodies bugs together.

Poor ratings are not constructive.
Thank you again !

Please fix! – ★★★
by CSkyler – KyPass – Version 1.6 – 1 nov. 2011
Used to love this app! 5 stars! Now totally useless with OS5 update. Please fix!!!!!!

I don’t have this problem myself on all my iOS5 devices. You are the only one to have this problem. Could you retry ? And if you have this problem again, could you reinstall KyPass on your device ?

Important features missing – ★★
by Ipalogo – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 20 oct. 2011
This app is completely useless for me, as it ignores all custom fields in my KeePass databases. Also it appears to be basically identical to the former ‘MyKeePass’ app, though it’s got a nicer look now.

The custom fields are back in version 1.6.

great app – ★★
by romulus-cassius – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 15 oct. 2011
wait for key file protection :-), waiting for This option I congrate kypass developer. dropbox sync bug (exiting app and back to main menu 🙁

Great app but only 2 stars ??? Key file is working since version 1.4. Look at the handbook on this website.

It works – ★★
by NLman – KyPass – Version 1.5.1 – 11 oct. 2011
I chose it because of the dropbox functionality. The userinterface needs a rework, it is horrible.

Some people like it 🙂 But maybe I have to look for a true designer to help me.

Google Wave

J’ai été approuvé ce matin… Enfin 🙂
Sinon, mes premières impressions: c’est pas mal…

A faire pour s’amuser:
– ajouter le robot Sudoku dans les extensions, créer une nouvelle wave et inserer l’extension Sudoku dans votre wave.
– aller sur wavedirectory pour ajouter une wave publique. En sélectionner une, ajouter le contact public (Icone en forme de mappemonde et ayant l’adresse, clicker sur ce contact et sélectionner ‘groupe wave’
– inviter vos amis… Seul, c’est ennuyant 🙂

5 invitations Google Wave à donner.. Tirage au sort le 21.