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KyPass 1.9.4 is now available


This version fix the bug with macOS versions before Mojave.

A feature asked by many users was also added: KyPass now opens the last database at start.

Please, could you change your ratings in the AppStore. KyPass 1.9.3 have received too much 1 star and even if I understand why, it will do great harm for the future of KyPass on macOS.

We still have great improvements in our todo list and suggestions are welcome (join us on the forum).

You could change (or add) a rating here

Thanks (and sorry again for the last problem)

Bad news

Last release of KyPass for macOS has been rejected by Apple.

This version had to fix the bug with macOS version before Mojave but the App Store Review team think that a bug is still present.

In the meantime, you can:

  • Use the beta version that fix the bug at
  • Do a rollback from your TimeMachine backup
  • Upgrade to Mojave 😉

To avoid that in the future, we search for beta-testers. PM me on the forum if you want to improve KyPass.
If you don’t want to be beta-tester, you could send your suggestion too on the suggestions sub-forum

Sorry again…

KyPass v4.4.0 is now available 3

KyPass v4.4.0 is now available!

What’s new?

  • Added autofill extension (goto the accounts and password iOS Setting and activate Kypass support there)
  • Passing theme option from beta to release and added the blue theme
  • Tag/keyword view (Edit of Tags in the next release)
  • Fix a webdav bug
  • Fix alignement of editable cell in configuration form

More great updates soon.

How the enable the autofill?

Go in the Settings panel & click on “Password & Accounts”

Select “AutoFill Passwords”

Check “KyPass” (and unselect all the others if you want ;p)

Click on the Passwords button in the keyboard

Some news 2

Lot of time without news from us.

Last iOS version (v4.3.0) of KyPass is already 1 month old and I forget to talk about it.

In this version,
OneDrive Enterprise support was added. You could now use KyPass with your business O365 account. The shared folders are also supported.
There are also some new beta features like “hide expired entries” or “backup database after each change”. Don’t forget to see these beta features: Some could be removed if I don’t have any return about it 🙂

New version v4.3.1 will be released in a few days.
We listen to you: expandable tree view will be available for groups.
You could also import a bar code (or a QR code) in any field
Many other bug were fixed (see release notes)