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KyPass 4 98

KyPass 4 is available!

This version has been designed to be able to replace the desktop version and many improvements have been added compared to the previous version:

  • Split screen and tree view (especially on iPad)
  • Full History Support (Viewing and Maintaining Input History)
  • Total support of the trash
  • Support of references on all fields
  • Remote access (ssh and vnc first. RDP, telnet in a future release)
  • Password generator with advanced features such as avoiding similar characters
  • More here…

In addition to this, it still has the functionality of previous versions:

  • Cloud support (best way to keep multiple devices in sync with the same information): iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Webdav
  • KDBX4 format support (Introduced with Keepass 2.35)
  • Support for external keyboard
  • Touch-ID support (and Face-ID on iPhone X) or PIN code: the password of the database can be saved on the iOS keychain so as not to have to enter long passwords
  • One Time Passwords
  • Exchange of bar code entries
  • Automatic log in all the following applications

This is the first version of KyPass redesigned by targeting the iPad. It wants to get as close as possible to the desktop version of KyPass.

KyPass 4 is available at an introductory price of 5.49 € and will be available on the AppStore

Database properties

Action extension

File list

Entry edition

Internal SSH (iPhone)

Internal SSH (iPad)

Entry edition

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