KyPass v3.8

KyPass v3.8 was released Friday.

Lot of changes:

New features:
– OTP support (from QRCode via the camera or via otpauth:// url)
– Edit entry page improved.
– New google Drive Sync.
– KDBX v4 read/write support.

Bug fixes
– Caption of title bar is more readable
– History shows all special characters
– Copy to clipboard when pressing on value fixed
– adding a new entry, adding some fields and the decide to cancel by using “back” instead of “finish” doesn’t crash the database anymore
– File is saved when hitting finish after the edit dialog. You have to return to the main list for it to be saved
– Reset synchronization doesn’t deletes local files (including key file) anymore
– iPad QR Size fixed
– QR Code Import save
– Fixed crash when adding additional field when creating new entry

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PS: For Google Drive users: 2 things.

  1. You have to reset your sync. Google has changed their api and a new sync is needed
  2. There is a bug with the v3.8 (and v3.8.1): the database is not uploaded anymore. This bug is fixed in v3.8.2 (sent today to Apple) and you’ll not loose anything.