11 thoughts on “KyPass and multitasking… Soon

  • djcrackhome

    That’s an awesome thing for iPad users. That’s a cool alternative to having it “auto-filled” in Safari. 🙂 Can’t wait for it..

  • Mr.C

    Still using KyPass 1 and really like it and use it quite often. Would like to upgrade, but 6,99€ is too expensive. Especially if you consider that sometimes there is no update for half a year and maybe there will be KyPass 4 someday and you have to pay one again.

    Hope you make it 2,99€ or so.

    • RedBug

      6,99 for the upgrade ?
      Could you make me a screenshot of the ‘kypass 3 upgrade’ in your iTunes ?
      If you have already bought KyPass before, the price of the first buy is remove for the final price.

      • Mr.C

        Thanks for the reply. You’re right, as an upgrage it is “only” 6,20€ (http://imgur.com/3TVT1vm).

        To be honest this is still quite a lot compared to most of the other apps. I love to support independant developers, but not with the uncertainty that there might be KyPass 4 soon and I have to pay all over again for future support.

  • Leon

    great work so far. Will there be a safari plugin for easy login without the need to open the app?
    Multitasking looks great. Have you planned any other features?

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