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Karekod – Create QR Code for Evernote… 2

I’m a big fan of “Going Paperless“, the blog of Jamie Todd Rubin (An Evernote Ambassador).

Some times ago, it shares one of its great usage of Evernote:  Turn paper manuals into digital documents and use QR codes to make the instructions easy-to-find in context !

It’s great but it’s could still be easier.

Here is my tools to increase the creation of QR Code for Evernote: Karekod !

How to use it ?

1. Go to the note in Evernote

2. Click the Note menu and select “Copy Note Link”


3. Open Karekod. It will automatically take the link from the clipboard to create a QR code with the evernote:// url.

4. Press the print button and use the printer QR code where you want.

The next time you look for your manuals, just use a QRCode reader on your smartphone (I personnaly use CamFind – and it will automatically open Evernote with the right document.


Download it from the Mac App Store

WIP – KyPass Companion v1.5 6

A little screenshot on the WIP KyPass Companion 1.5.

The new features will be:

  • Finally a true tree view in the sidebar.
  • Save your preferred filter in shortcuts.
  • Save your preferred entries in favorites.
  • New columns (password bits, modification, expiration & creation date) also available in search filter.
  • And many bug fixes


Still some little things to add… Deadline: end of next week!