4 thoughts on “KyPass 1.93

  • Markus Voigt

    In the version 1.9.3 for the iPad the screen orientation is wrong. Please check it and deliver a new. patch. THX

  • user

    I am using the latest version on iPad 3. The screen resolution is all wrong, and the autorotate and keyboard are all screwed up too. e.g. I have to manually turn the I pad portrait to see the master passowrd field in the correct orientation. Then when i click in the field to enter the PW, it displays the keyboard in landscape, which means I have to manually reaorientate the ipad again. The same thing happens when i next want to search for a password in the database. All very unsatisfactory and a big backwards step. Can you rush out a fix or roll back to the previous version?

  • Uwe

    Would be nice, if you could integrate support for MS Skydrive. Lot’s of people are switching to skydrive. price is unbeatable. please please please 🙂

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