More synchronization method in KyPass 28

You like Keepass but you hate Dropbox (or just dislike it).
You’ll be happy: The next big update of Kypass will add a new synchronization method.

Which one ?
YuuWaa ? Syncplicity ? Wuala ? Sparkleshare ? Live Mesh ? Sugarsync ? LiveDrive ? Tonido ? Spideroak ? ? Another ?

It depends on you !

Tweet a message like “I want #sugarsync in KyPass next version ! RT me for more vote #kypasssync” and it will add one vote to Sugarsync (your tweet have to contain the keyword #kypasssync & the keyword for your synchronization method).

In two weeks, I’ll look the most popular keyword and start the development for it.

Spread the word to increase the vote for your synchronization method !

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