10 thoughts on “KyPass 1.2.1 is released”

  1. Great utility – thanks for that!

    Can you please add the option to load the KDBX file via Web or FTP server, not only DropBox?
    I always used that option in MyKeePass…

    Would be great!

  2. I linked my iPad2 with Dropbox in kypass 1.2.1 (have a keepass 1 and keepass 2 file, i.e. Kdb and kdbx). However, kypass app would not show either of them. The kypass startpage of the app is completely empty. What am I doing wrong? Thx for a hint.

  3. You can set the path to where your Keypass files reside in your Dropbox by going to Settings->KyPass and enter the folder where your files reside on either your iPhone or iPad. Works GREAT!! πŸ˜‰

  4. This app is good. There is one problem with your app. When it displays the password, the uppercase “I” and the lower case “l” look the same. Can you use a different font or at lease figure out a way to differentiate them?

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