Customers reviews… v1.4 on the way

You still love it !

Perfect integration – ★★★★★
by cnebrera on Tuesday, July 26 2011 version 1.3
I have been using keepass with other OS but this is the best integrated solution I have seen. It works perfect with dropbox. Thanks for developing it!

Great stuff – ★★★★★
by Pdb0001 on Tuesday, July 19 2011 version 1.3
I used the upload from desktop via browser option. Works great on iPhone and iPad. Not used much yet but first impressions are good. Nice clean interface, like the search-as-you-type feature. Keep up the good work!

You guys rock !!! – ★★★★★
by Bluntmachetti on Friday, July 15 2011 version 1.3
Bought this a week ago before realising it didn’t have key file support. I drop a line on the dev website and a week later here it is. Thanks Guys .

Congratulations – ★★★★★
by dactylos on Friday, July 15 2011 version 1.3
Congratulations Mr Vanhove. You are the first developer to do keepass for iOS with actual working dropbox integration. Everyone should be using this. A pleasure to buy and use. This is a very polished application. Works flawlessly. Which is a surprise.

Excellent – ★★★★★
by trickbooter on Thursday, July 07 2011 version 1.2
As per the other reviews, this guy fixes and develops quickly and implements user suggestions.
The timeout feature is excellent, reading kbdx files now means I don’t need to use keypads triggers to export old db versions.
All in all a very good product.

Excellent – good to see continued development – ★★★★★
by Ronnie 2010 on Sunday, July 03 2011 version 1.1
If you used myKeePass then I recommend upgrading to kyPass. The developer fixes bugs quickly and I’m now able to upload KeePass files via the browser. It is great to now have an iPad version and many more new features enabled such as being able to view things in landscape mode on my iPod. Excellent KeePass application, highly recommended. Keep up the good work.

Getting better and better – ★★★★
by phantompharter1 on Saturday, July 09 2011 version 1.2.1
Got it the day it came out, and each version release has been an improvement. You can use kdbx files, sync up and down to dropbox, search for entries. Good to be able to finally link my keepass pc to my ipad

Excellent – ★★★★★
by Russwell on Saturday, July 09 2011 version 1.2.1
Just what I was looking for. It works great. Good support.
I am looking forward to future updates.

Version 1.4 is on the way.

Here is the change for the moment:

– More help for the use of Dropbox.
– (Bug fixes) allow not alphanumeric characters in password
– Define automatic logout time
– Progress bar when opening a database
– (Bug fixes) Search function is worked even if the title of an entry is empty.
– (Bug fixes) The orientation is maintained when the password window is displayed after back to sleep.

Karaopocket v3 for iPhone/iPad

Karaopocket is back!

The Karaoke software most downloaded on Pocket PC is finally available on iPhone / iPad.

Karaopocket is now compatible with Dropbox.

For those who do not yet know, Karaopocket is a karaoke software that can read any file with the .kar format.
Thousands of files of this type are available freely online. (Go on, on or on google for example and have fun)

Sing with all your heart with the help of your iPhone!

The next version will also support mp3+g support (cd+g) like in PocketCDG.


The songs can be loaded in 4 different ways:

  • Link Karaopocket to your account Dropbox. Karaopocket will then download all the songs located in the / KAR your Dropbox.
  •  Using the web server of Karaopocket (+ button followed by ‘upload from desktop’)
  •  Using the iTunes File Sharing.
  •  Either by loading a .kar file from Mobile Safari and asking him to open it with Karaopocket.

When ?

Soon ! Karaopocket v3.0 was sent for validation to Apple yesterday.
Be aware !


You asked me the roadmap of Kypass. Here it is!

  • Kypass Handbook. (this week)
  • Adding more synchronization choice (2.0)
  • Define automatic logout time (1.4)
  • Improve design & usability (2.0)
  • Add more information on each details form (1.4)
  • Bug fixes: allow not alphanumeric characters in password (1.4)
  • Settings to disable automatic sync mechanism. (2.0)
  • kdbx write support (3.0)
  • Bug fixes: search function crash kypass (when I’ll be able to reproduce the error)
  • Spin animation/progress bar when opening a database (1.5)
  • Easy password generation (2.1)
  • Wireless password exchange between 2 iphone/ipad (2.1)

When ?

  • 1.4: before the end of summer (I’m using Xcode 4.2 beta with the SDK for ios5 beta. I don’t think that I can’t release an application anymore until the GM is released. If I can, the 1.4 version will be release soon)
  • 2.0: before the end of fall.