KMSC #20: DS3D

This 20th entry (the last one ?) was created by Sylvain from Bilou HomeBrew’s Blog.
Here is his description:

maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s not.

Anyway, if i had plenty of time for DS coding, i’d be working on this: DS3d animator — animate 3D models in your living room.

– import 3DS models (as files on SD card or via WiFi)
– allow creation of composite models by drawing separate objects one after each others
– define anchors and “strings” between objects of one model, as well as a ‘rest position’ towards which the angle/distance between objects
– record animations out of touch input (e.g. by defining a target position and speed and let the character evolve to that location). Visualize the animation on upper screen
– colorize the 3D model
– stamp sprites on top of 3D objects (e.g. the eyes of the character, etc), from a sprite palette
– substitute one object with another to do “3D sprite” animation

And most importantly: save the generated animation in a way that will allow it to be imported in a 2D/3D game engine (either full 3D engine, or something à la new super mario bros.)


KMSC #19: DS MPC/sp-404

This 19th entry was created by dman
Here is his description:

Ok here is my idea. It’s a drum machine/sample sequencer kind of like
an akai mpc in operation( It has 8 samples and 8
tracks (or whatever can be made with the DS hardware). You can record
your sequences and play them back…giving you a drum machine in your

Here is how it works:

1. The round thing is the pad where you play the notes. Hitting in the
center plays the sample at max volume, towards the edges at a lower
2. The round pad thing pulses at the metronome speed.
3. Samples can be quickly changed by hitting the sample buttons on the
left side.
4. Different tracks can be selected on the right hand side.
5. The D-Pad is used to play/rec/overdub and delete notes in a sequence.
6. The sequencer would have a resolution of 96ppq (same as mpc).
7. The top screen holds all the information on the current sequence.
This can be swapped with the lower screen using the L or R button.

There would also be a sample edit page which i haven’t shown here. The
idea is to make a very simple/fast way of making music with samples
(like the mpc series and roland sp-303/404) on a nintendo DS.